July 7


Anxiety – Tip from Tapas

By TATLife® Staff

July 7, 2020

Anxiety, fear, Stress, stuck

Dear TAT® Friend,

My mom used to get so anxious before a trip, even though she’d pack weeks in advance.  I’ve done a fair amount of traveling and noticed I’d get the same way.  Why?  There’s nothing going on that’s really stressful…so where did this panicky heart and anxious, tight stomach come from? 

In fact, lots of people from my genetic heritage that I’ve treated over the past 25 years have the same response in stressful times.  How come?

Over centuries, our group experienced loads of sudden attacks where people had to grab their kids and maybe a couple of belongings and run for their lives.  Is that your history, too?  And how could that relate to your anxiety right now?  

Does your anxiety drive you to overeat?  Make your stomach tight?  Do things and feel things you don’t like?

Here’s a video for you on anxiety, where I think it comes from, and how TAT® can help you relieve it.  (I travel with so much ease now — thank you TAT®.)

Love and smiles,


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