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[New YouTube Video] Extreme Agitation – TAT Tip from Tapas

Dear TAT® Friend, 

Jerry, Terri’s grey and white cat, often likes to say “hello” by jumping on Terri’s desk and walking in front of the computer while I’m meeting with Terri, our business manager. First thing this morning, after Terri gently set him down several times and he persistently jumped back up, I realized he was looking for some TAT® help. I’m able to see some of what’s happening in energy fields so I took a look.

He looked like cartoons when a cat is plugged into electricity or shocked: big energetic spikes all around his whole body.  We did some quick TAT® for that. I looked again: spikes were gone and there were long what looked like metal antennas all around his body.  We did TAT® to clear that. His energy field then looked glowing with a soft and bright peaceful, steady light. He walked over to his cozy blanket– his favorite place to nap, laid down, and that was that.

My first session of the day had the very same thing going on in her energetic field (she’s not a cat!). This is the first time I’ve seen the same exact thing going on in a human and cat in one day.

We completed our session and her heart energy was bigger and brighter than I’ve ever seen in her.

Next, Terri and I met for a webinar and I saw she had the exact same thing in her energetic field. She’s usually kind, calm and grounded. But not today! She felt agitated, ungrounded, grouchy, and fussy, she said.

I worked with Terri and we made this YouTube video for you in case you’re feeling like something like this might be up for you, too.  It’s a super short form of TAT®. I wanted to offer it to you to help you today and whenever you feel especially not yourself. It may help you feel better fast. 

There’s so much going on in the world that’s shocking, frightening, and disturbing in so many ways. Just wanted you to have a simple way to connect more with your heart and love.

Warmest wishes and love,


Anxiety – Tip from Tapas

traumatized girl holds head

Dear TAT® Friend,

My mom used to get so anxious before a trip, even though she’d pack weeks in advance.  I’ve done a fair amount of traveling and noticed I’d get the same way.  Why?  There’s nothing going on that’s really stressful…so where did this panicky heart and anxious, tight stomach come from? 

In fact, lots of people from my genetic heritage that I’ve treated over the past 25 years have the same response in stressful times.  How come?

Over centuries, our group experienced loads of sudden attacks where people had to grab their kids and maybe a couple of belongings and run for their lives.  Is that your history, too?  And how could that relate to your anxiety right now?  

Does your anxiety drive you to overeat?  Make your stomach tight?  Do things and feel things you don’t like?

Here’s a video for you on anxiety, where I think it comes from, and how TAT® can help you relieve it.  (I travel with so much ease now — thank you TAT®.)

Love and smiles,