Tapas Fleming in the TAT Pose

For professional use, and to get the most personal benefit from TAT, being fully trained is the way to go. While reading the TAT Steps and doing the TAT Pose are simple, getting consistent, effective results takes skill, experience, knowledge and presence.  At the very heart of using TAT with others is the ability to be fully present with your client in a way that allows the healing to happen without pushing, judging, analyzing or trying to change their experience in any way. 

It's surprising how hard that can be to remember, but what a tremendous difference your presence makes in how both you and your client experience the transformational process that is TAT. It takes time and practice to remove what’s in the way of you fully being present in the moment -- the work you do in the TAT Certification Program will help you learn how.

We have three certification levels, one for working with others (Certifed TAT Practitioner), one for Professional use (Certified TAT Professional) and one for teaching TAT (Certified TAT Trainer). You don't need any additional licenses or degrees in order to be certified by TATLife. In addition to completing the requirements in Certification Program, your presence, understanding, skill, and ethics are all considered before certification is granted.

The following links will tell you what is required for certification. We recommend that you review everything before you begin the certification process so you have a complete understanding of the entire program -- what you’ll get out of it and what the requirements are.