How To Become a Certified TAT® Professional

Once you have purchased your registration, you’ll be granted access to our Student Resources section of the TATLife website.  All mentoring session lesson plans and 40+ documents will be immediately available for your review and you’ll gain an overview of what you’ll learn to be a Certified TAT Professional.

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  • Choose a Certified TAT Trainer or Tapas to be your trainer through the Certification Program.
  • our Trainer will mentor you, answer your questions, and help you learn to use TAT with skill, confidence and presence. You’re free to choose the Trainer you’d like to work with over the course of your studies and welcome to work with more than one Trainer.
  • On average, you’ll have 10 sessions with your Trainer to review your sessions on yourself, with others and with a Buddy. Fee based on individual arrangement with your Trainer.
  • Attend one workshop on the Basics of TAT (at least 10 workshop hours) in person (can be a webinar) within the last 2 years given by a Certified TAT Trainer or Tapas Fleming.
  • Complete your 7 mentoring sessions with your Trainer
  • Subscribe to the free TATLife newsletter
  • Read and study the Professionals’ Manual
  • Lead two TAT sessions with clients — observed by your TAT Trainer.
  • The average cost, over time, will be approximately $2,000 – $2,400, depending on your Trainer fees and the number of mentoring sessions needed.
  • You will have 2 years from the date that you sign up as a Student to complete the program. (You can register again after the two years if you need more time).

Sign up for the Healing Adverse Childhood Experiences with the TAT Program

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The program includes 18 recordings that you will discuss with your Trainer as you complete them. The program must be completed prior to you becoming a Certified TAT® Professional.

Watch the following recordings to discuss with your Trainer:

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Healing Allergies

You’ll learn how lifestyle — what you eat, your exercise and your environment — can affect your allergies. Plus, you’ll see how emotional traumas can create allergies. You’ll find out how you can get instant relief from allergies.

Peaceful woman on pier meditating

Getting Going with Getting Well

Do you have a health condition you’re dealing with right now?  Did you get a diagnosis and you’re still in shock about it? Finding it hard to take the steps you need to get well?

To complete your certification:

Your certification requirements will be complete when your Trainer sends a recommendation for your Professional status to TATLife.

You’ll then review and sign the Professionals’ Agreement. You’ll be sent a copy of the Professionals’ Agreement once you’ve been recommended by your Trainer, accepted by TATLife, and before paying your membership fee.

Once this is all done, you’re a Certified TAT Professional!

You will receive your Certified TAT Professional certificate, access to all of the resources and support materials for Certified TAT Professionals, and all the benefits that are yours as a Certified TAT® Professional.

To maintain your certification:

  • Pay the $195 membership renewal fee, due every two years by December 31.
  • Complete 12 hours total of continuing education every two years.
  • Details on renewal requirements are available to Professionals, and in general consist of:
  • Consultations, TAT group work, or pre-approved workshops or webinars with any TAT Trainer 
  • Consultations with Tapas
  • Case study reviews with Tapas and members of our Professional community
  • Studying TAT materials listed in the Professionals’ section of the TATlife website

***We periodically update the requirements, so please refresh this page to make sure you have the current requirements. You will be responsible for completing the requirements in effect at the time you registered for the certification program.