Why Get Certified?

The Tapas Acupressure Technique® (TAT®) Certification Program gives you everything you need to be a successful Certified TAT Practitioner, Certified TAT Professional or Certified TAT Trainer. The whole Certification Program has your personal upliftment, fun, and happiness built into the process as you learn how to do TAT for yourself and others.

Tapas Fleming in the TAT Pose
  • You’ll regularly feel touched and uplifted as you do TAT with clients by seeing and feeling their happiness and new-found joy
  • You’ll often end your day energized by what you got to experience in your work
  • You’ll probably feel lucky and blessed to have found TAT (as many TAT Pros and Trainers say) and be using it in your practice

Here’s how you’ll get it all:

  • Information from videos, ebooks and documents
  • Personal experience from workshops and sessions with a buddy (someone else in the Certification Program), your clients, and yourself
  • All your questions answered in mentoring sessions with Tapas Fleming or a Certified TAT Trainer 
  • Development of your presence with clients and in all aspects of your life from the Practicing Presence Webinar or Workshop
  • Continuing education and contact with Tapas for updates and innovations to the TAT process
  • A community of students in the program to chat with as you go through the process

These are the subjects for your Mentoring Sessions:   

  • Working with Clients
  • More about the TAT Session
  • Working with Trauma
  • Working with Parts
  • Health Issues and Working with Children
  • Dealing with Our Own Stuff
  • Legal and Ethical Issues; Scope of Practice
  • Typical personal results of becoming a Certified TAT Professional:

    • You’ll smile more and feel happier
    • You’ll feel better about yourself
    • You’ll be more enthusiastic
    • You’ll have more energy
    • People will like you more
    • A greater acceptance of yourself and life just as they are
    • A softer heart
    • More spontaneous kindness and understanding
    • Greater intuition
    • More compassion
    • Greater presence in all situations
    • The ability to notice what’s going on within and direct your life in the way you want it to go
    • You’ll be better able to get out of your own way and get things done
    • You’ll feel more in tune with who you really are
    • A growing sense of inner peace
    • The ability to love and accept life and yourself just as you are
    • A greater sense of inner safety and feeling at home within
    • Feeling less caught up in or overwhelmed by emotions
    • The knowledge that you can find your way through any inner pain or conflict
    • Less need to “fix” other people
    • Better ability to listen to others
    • Knowledge that you don’t have to be stuck in anything – not old, unresolved pain, not emotional baggage, not relationships that are painful, unloving, or unfulfilling
    • The pleasure of contributing to the happiness of your family and ancestors
    • You’ll have better, clearer family relations

    When you’ve completed the Certification Program, you’ll be clear and confident that:

    • You’ve gained the depth of knowledge and experience with TAT to support your friends, family, clients, and yourself in living happier, healthier lives.
    • You can effectively help heal traumas, negative beliefs, inner critical voices, emotional aspects of physical illness, and much more.
    • You have been trained to the standards set by Tapas Fleming.

    What you’ll get from TATLife once you’ve completed the Program:

    • Access to recordings of past calls with Tapas and our community of Certified Professionals
    • Certifed TAT Professionals and Certified TAT Trainers will have their contact information on the TATLife website (with a searchable map and general search so people can find you by your name, city, state, country, or zip code) and a link to your website
    • A Professional and Trainer discount on workshops, webinars and recordings 
    • Continuing support from our warm and enthusiastic Professionals community through an email discussion group
    • Access to the Professionals Resources section of the website which includes free downloadable support materials exclusively available to Professionals
    • The ability to market yourself as a Certified TAT Practitioner, Certified TAT Professional or Certified TAT Trainer from the only Certification Program for TAT
    • The ability to join our Continuing Education sessions with Tapas for Professionals only to maintain Certified TAT Professional standing
    • Click here to view our current Professionals Agreement.

    Becoming a Certified TAT Trainer:

    • Becoming a Certifed TAT Trainer will enable you to mentor and teach new students working toward their Practitioner, Professional, and Trainer goals. You will be given everything you need to teach students through all three levels of certification.