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Energetic Scans and TAT Sessions with Tapas Fleming

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Do you ever feel like there are hidden influences that are holding back your moving ahead?  Or you might find yourself feeling stuck somewhere and you’re not happy.

I’m excited to share what I can offer you in our TAT sessions.  You can choose a session with an energetic scan.  It’s a gift I’m able to share with you.  I ask your energetic field -- including your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energies -- what would be valuable to include in our session so you have the best healing possible in that moment.  I do a before and after scan to see what’s changed.

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Some of what I see, hear, or feel in our sessions can  include:

  • How energy is flowing and where it’s stuck in your energy field, including  chakras and acupuncture meridians
  • Scenes from your genetic history that are holding you back from health or your full connection with life in the here and now
  • Parts of your body that need you to know something (for example, your kidneys might say,  “drink more water” or your heart might say, “I’m withdrawn and afraid”)
  • Scars that need healing from accidents or medical procedures where the flow of energy has been inhibited
  • Angels 
  • Family members on the other side that want to tell you something
  • Energetic flows that are stuck in your subtle energy field
  • Ghosts hanging out in your energy field
  • Parts of yourself that need to be freed from the past and brought to the here and now -- also called “soul retrieval”
  • Where specific traumas are  restricting the flow of energy in your body and energy field
  • Weird thoughts and feelings that seem piped in from who-knows-where that are keeping you stuck in negativity, fear, anger, and other nasty conditions

Whatever I see or hear is included in the “pot” (what’ll be worked on in the session). Anything we find is usually cleared up in one or two 60-minute sessions.  

If you schedule a session for your animal, we can include an energetic scan. It gives us the specific information we include in the healing.