Feeling extremely hopeless and wondering what’s the point of your life?

Dear TAT® Friend,

Recently, I’ve been hearing nearly word-for-word similar down-hearted thoughts and feelings from clients.  People are saying:

“What’s the point of my life?”

“What difference would it make to anyone if I wasn’t here?”

“I can’t connect with God or my heart.”

“My soul feels cut off and trapped.”

And they say these aren’t their usual thoughts or feelings.

Yesterday in our morning meeting, Terri, our TATLife Business Manager, shared with me that she wasn’t feeling like herself.  Here’s what she shared with me:

“I feel disconnected from my heart and head. I feel numb and very “blah”. I realized that I’m not feeling anything good and barely having any feelings at all. I feel like my soul is sick and I can’t snap out of it. I realize that I’ve also had some thoughts that don’t make sense to me. I was thinking, “What is the point of my life? Does my existence have any meaning?” They weren’t suicidal, but they were definitely based on a much darker way of thinking than is normal for me. Letting myself feel like this for three days without doing anything about it is also not my normal response — I usually do TAT® really soon after I notice something’s bothering me.  The feelings are so negative that I feel surrounded by it with no way out. I feel locked up in a cage of unfeeling numbness.“

Terri suggested we do a TAT® session for her and record it for you.  It’s a very shortened version of the whole TAT® process.  I think you’ll feel uplifted and happier just watching this video and feeling what happens for Terri.  

If you’re having these kind of dark thoughts or feelings, you can follow along with this quick session for yourself.  Of course, if you’d like more help to completely clear things up, visit https://tatlife.com where you can schedule a personal session with a Certified TAT® Pro or me.

Enjoy the recording and have a wonderful day!