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TAT® for Black Energy & Energy Field Obstructions – Two webinar recordings




Do you feel like you’ve got things to do, things you want to do, but you just can NOT get going?  Like you’re so stuck and you don’t know why? Or feeling cut off from your connection with God or life? Maybe pressure over your head?

All of these sensations and experiences can be coming from unseen sources:  hidden energy field obstructions. I see them when I do scans. They’re invisible, but made out of something that maintains its presence and messes with our energy and connection with people and natural life…unless we do something about it.

People have metal plates over their heads that cut off the flow between them and God or the universe.  They feel spiritually cut off.

A lot of these three-dimensional images are the same all over the world.  Also there are patterns affecting our relationships with people that cut off our ability to connect and make us feel isolated and lonely.  

I’ll be sharing the obstructions and patterns I see in these webinar recordings on Black Energy and Energy Field Obstructions.  I’ve drawn what I see for you so you can more easily clear these things for yourself. I’ll do a before and after scan demonstration during each recording.  You’ll learn how to clear black energy and these kind of obstructions for yourself and experience the process in the recording. You’ll be able to see and feel these hidden obstructions clear up and will probably be feeling much lighter by the end of the recording.


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