Chronic Health Issues


Chronic Health issues is a downloadable MP4 recording with Tapas Fleming personally guiding you through an in-depth, topic-focused, expanded TAT® session.

Doing the TAT process can allow you to directly affect your traits, behaviors, and chronic health issues at the genetic level. You will also notice that doing TAT on a regular basis will improve the way you think, feel, and react.



Chronic Health Issues is a downloadable MP4 recording of Tapas Fleming personally guiding you through an in-depth, topic-focused expanded TAT® session.

A rocky childhood. A violent assault. A car accident. If these are in your past, they could be causing chronic health issues now. Your risk for health problems from a past trauma goes up with the number of these events you’ve experienced.

You can also opt for Guided TAT with Tapas, with this recording you’ll relax and listen as Tapas walks you through the process.  You’ll be guided through a complete TAT session — without explanations thrown in.  (Explanations are in TAT-101.)  You can pause the recording to allow enough time to focus on each Step.

What makes healing with TAT so different from other approaches?  

You can heal without:

  • reliving anything
  • talking about it
  • digging for core issues
  • figuring anything out ​

Just push play, sit back and heal!​

As a result of doing TAT you can experience:

  • Feeling less stressed or anxious
  • Feeling less overwhelmed
  • Better health
  • Feeling happier on a regular basis
  • More fulfilling relationships
  • More restful sleep 
  • Feeling more balanced and calm
  • Being more productive
  • Being more present and mindful
  • Improved ability to focus

“The Healing ACES Program using TAT is a truly effective treatment for healing Adverse Childhood Experiences at any age. Tapas Fleming, the talented founder of TAT, has created and offers a masterful approach to healing old wounds that feel like they will forever hold us in their grip. But with this program, our wounds gently release their grip and we discover that we can choose our path. We happily and confidently move forward to new vistas supported in a new way by our past as we access previously hidden strengths, talents, positive qualities, etc… Our past is not erased but now serves us in remarkable ways to aid us in living fully in the here and now! Now, how exciting is that?”  -Thaila Vikitos