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Healing ACEs – Food Addictions or Eating Disorders


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Healing ACEs – Food addictions or eating disorders includes Tapas Fleming personally guiding you through a full TAT® session. She will give you suggestions on what to work on and how to create your TAT® “pot”.

What makes healing with TAT so different from other approaches?  You can heal without:

  • reliving anything
  • talking about it
  • digging for core issues
  • figuring anything out ​

Just push play, sit back and heal!​

As a result of doing TAT you can expect:

  • Feeling less stressed or anxious
  • Feeling less overwhelmed
  • Better health
  • Feeling happier on a regular basis
  • More fulfilling relationships
  • More restful sleep 
  • Feeling more balanced and calm
  • Being more productive
  • Being more present and mindful
  • Improved ability to focus