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TAT® Symposium – Heart & Soul of TAT® – January 19th & 20th



Come join us and see me working one-on-one with attendee volunteers with difficult cases– maybe even you! These sessions deal with complex, painful, and stressful issues — typical real-life stuff that we’d all love to clear away.  

You’ll get to experience more peace and ease as you easily dissolve old emotional junk and create the life you want for yourself. We’ll do TAT® as a group while you observe me working with a volunteer each session. You’ll be doing TAT® for yourself and have the benefit of everyone’s good wishes and intentions for you. It makes deep change happen more easily — you actually benefit from the intentions for healing made by the entire group. There’s nothing like a live group TAT® experience — you’ll be so glad you were there!

Plus, you’ll get to learn and feel the latest approaches I’m using with TAT® — always something new.  There are things you just can’t get from a recording — being with me live and in-person, you’ll learn directly what I’m doing so you can get the most out of every TAT® session you do.


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