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The Basics of TAT® ll – Working with Others – Webinar Recordings


To register for this workshop you will need to be registered as a Student Practitioner in the TATLife Certification Program.


With the Basics of TAT ll recordings, you can learn how to lead friends and family through TAT and continue to have your own healing experiences, plus gets tips from Tapas Fleming to help you with your personal situation and healing journey.

The Basics of TAT ll Webinar Workshop Recordings gives you six two-hour sessions of in-depth teaching on how to use TAT to get the most benefit possible. Every session includes a full TAT® session to clear whatever’s blocking you from ease and happiness. We’ll focus on:

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Session 1. Working with Clients

Session 2. More About the TAT Session

Session 3. Working with Trauma

Session 4. Working with Parts

Session 5. Dealing with Our Own Stuff

Session 6. Ethical Issues; Scope of Practice

For professional use, and to get the most personal benefit from TAT, being fully trained as a Certified TAT Professional is the way to go. While reading the TAT Steps and doing the TAT Pose are simple, getting consistent, effective results takes skill, experience, knowledge, and presence.

At the very heart of using TAT with clients is the ability to be fully present with your client in a way that allows the healing to happen without pushing, judging, analyzing, or trying to change their experience in any way.



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