Healing ACEs

March 10


SO EXCITED!!! — New way to heal with TAT®

By TATLife® Staff

March 10, 2019

Dear TAT® Friend,

After 25 years of working with thousands of clients, workshop attendees and myself, it became clear that most of us were dealing with the long-lasting effects of childhood trauma.    

After failed relationships back in my 20’s, I started searching for a real way to quit that frustrating, repeating cycle. It seemed like my bad relationship with my dad was controlling every relationship that came after. I wondered: how can something that happened decades ago have such a strong hold now?   

When the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study came out in 1998, it confirmed what I already knew: childhood trauma negatively affects our health and adult life. Now I had the science to back up what I was seeing.

With TAT and the ACE study, I have the complete answer to my search:  TAT can heal the traumas (ACEs) that cause toxic stress-induced beliefs and behaviors.   

I am SO EXCITED!!! Really, I haven’t been this excited to share something with you since coming up with TAT.  I’ve created an all-new, comprehensive program to heal childhood trauma and resulting adult issues that affect us now:  Healing ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) with the TAT® Program.  

It’s easier than ever to follow along:  there are 18 Lessons with specific tips and suggestions for each type of trauma. Possible choices to set your course for experiencing more love, happiness and peace every day come with each Lesson, too. You will also receive 3 bonus recordings to use for whatever is going on for you in the present. It’s truly a “don’t-make-me-think” way to heal.

Click here for all the information -- I think you’re going to love sitting back, pushing “play”, and watching yourself get more happy and free!

It's an amazing blessing to have had TAT come to me and it means so much to me to share it with you.

Love and warm wishes,

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