Testimonials and Demonstrations

Fear of success

Live TAT Workshop demonstration with Tapas Fleming

Constant pain gone

TAT Workshop attendee shares her experience.

Childhood trauma

Laura Merton shares her experience completing The Healing ACEs program

Combat Stress Relief - Brian’s story

Workshop attendee and combat veteran Brian Davis shares his TAT experience

A letter from Brian's daughter

His Purple Heart, awarded by President Clinton and shared with Tapas

Purple heart

Tapas Fleming

Creator and Founder of TAT®

After many years dedicated to facilitating personal growth, my journey led me to explore the realms of physical and energetic healing. In 1987, I became a Licensed Acupuncturist, focusing my practice on treating allergies.

My quest for a simple and effective treatment method inspired the development of the TAT in 1993. Initially, my goal was to alleviate allergic reactions in my patients. However, I quickly discovered that TAT had a much broader impact: it was gently and easily clearing the effects of past stressful or traumatic experiences.

My mission is to help people find healing and peace, transforming lives one person at a time.

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