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Fear of success

Live TAT Workshop demonstration with Tapas Fleming

Constant pain gone

TAT Workshop attendee shares her experience.

Childhood trauma

Laura Merton shares her experience completing The Healing ACEs program

“I was suffering from severe depression and looking out for all kinds of modalities to heal myself from the core. One day while scrolling through YouTube, I came across a video on TAT. The first time I did the 3 part mini free series of TAT, I felt incredibly relieved and lighter. TAT resonated with me. I bought it and every time I did TAT, it brought joy and lightness to my being.


Last year I was diagnosed with Choroiditis - an auto immune disease where inflammation in the eye damages your vision. There is no cure for it but it can be managed through medication. After 3-4 months of medication, the inflammation in my eye was gone but my vision in my right eye  was severely compromised. I could barely see someone clearly standing some feet away from me through my right eye. (My left eye was completely fine though. THANK GOD). Doctor proclaimed nothing can be done about the vision in my right eye. However, I didn't GIVE UP. I was determined to heal my eye and get my vision back.

One day while meditating I was instructed to check-out the TAT website. So I did and came across the recording 'Get Going with Getting Well'. I immediately bought it. For the next 2-3 months I did TAT for the condition in my eyes almost regularly apart from taking extreme care of my eyes, affirmation, visualisation  and other healing modalities. I did almost 20-30 sessions of TAT in total for this condition and for the first time after months, the vision in my right eye improved. I kept at it and the vision in my right eye improved drastically after about 3 months. Even the doctors were surprised and smiling heartily. My final vision in my right eye now is 6/9 and I can see and read almost all of the things completely clearly with my right eye. TAT made it possible. Thank You Tapas for this wonderful gift to mankind. 🙂

Apart from my eyes, I have felt huge, huge relief from depression, anxiety, self hatred and shame. Every time I do TAT I feel enormously lighter, joyful and feel connected to my inner being. In closing I would like to say: our mind is programmed to look for complex solutions. Since TAT is so effortless and easy, our mind tends to pass it on. But since I have started using TAT regularly, a lot of positive shifts are occurring in my life that seem effortless. Please give yourself the wonderful gift of TAT. It is indeed a gift from the Universe and priceless at that."

Thank You Tapas. 🙂 I am excited to see how TAT will aid me in my life in years to come.

- Neel

"My session with Tapas was surprising. As always her approach was spot on, fresh and tailor made for the situation, for what came up. We got to such a deep old hurt from when I was two years old!!! and it dissolved into absolute beauty. I never knew it was there, that I had formed this decision as a result of childhood abuse that had been running my life ever since. TAT is a miracle. I’ve felt this way since I had my first session years ago. TAT with Tapas is light, penetrating, profound, holy. I’m so excited to see how the rest of my life goes from here!"

- Sukoshi R.

“Night after night during the workshop I saw trauma and pain simply dissipate and dissolve. I was as excited and overwhelmed as the participants were because of the absolute, unprecedented beauty of the healing I witnessed.

In addition to being overwhelmed at all the changes, I now have no doubt TAT is the most effective treatment to resolve trauma of any nature. It’s not something I think or believe works – I know it works. After 25 years of working with veterans and being trained in various techniques, I’ve finally found something that truly works, and it makes my work more worthwhile. I now have an effective process to heal the pains of combat”

- Harold McRae

“I have been using TAT for several weeks now and really feel like I am changing into a different person: mentally, physically, and spiritually. I have my mother doing it as well now, and she feels the same way about it. In fact just yesterday, she said something she says quite often: “TAT is amazing!” I have gained more energy, clarity, and my body physically feels better. I am letting go of a lot of negative attachments to people who have hurt me in the past as well, which is uber important for us to do as human beings if we want optimal health.

My mother had developed a fear of driving and completely stopped driving. She did TAT on it and now can’t stop driving. She loves to drive everywhere now. I will add, when I first found Tapas on YouTube, I could see she had something most people do not: peace in her heart, eyes, and energy field. I said, I want what she has. And thankfully, she is offering it: a way to peace, joy, happiness, goodwill, and good health.”

- Gabriel M 

“Healing ACES Program using TAT is a truly effective treatment for healing Adverse Childhood Experiences at any age. Tapas Fleming, the talented founder of TAT, has created and offers a masterful approach to healing old wounds that feel like they will forever hold us in their grip. But with this program our wounds gently release their grip and we discover that we can choose our path.  

We happily and confidently move forward to new vistas supported in a new way by our past as we access previously hidden strengths, talents, positive qualities, etc… Our past is not erased but now serves us in remarkable ways to aid us in living fully in the here and now! Now, how exciting is that?”

- Thalia Vitikos

“I have had several sessions with Tapas over the past few months and the experiences have been amazing. I am overwhelmed with the change in my relationship, the TAT session cleared my stress and anxiety that I was experiencing. It literally changed my feelings within minutes. I am looking forward to where TAT will take my life. Thank you Tapas.” 

- Marisa M.

“Grateful for having the chance to work with Tapas and for her work. I immediately felt calm and relaxed after our session and have also had many great insights over the course of a week that have helped me easily process a long-standing issue/ block. We accomplished a lot in an hour!”

- Meghana

“I had a second session with Tapas yesterday, following my first one a few months ago. Today at work, everyone said how rested and glowing I looked. It was all due to Tapas and TAT. She has a deep gift for intuitively seeing what’s in one’s energy field and finding an easy, safe way to clear it. She also has added in a new step that offers beautiful, resilient energy protection.

When I let my mind rest for a moment on the ancestral/family/identity issue she cleared out of me, there’s no longer any resonance to it at all. I *loved* that session. Tapas brings great warmth, empathy, kindness, and good humor to her work. It just feels so safe and easy and interesting to do TAT with her – and astonishingly effective.”

-Stephanie S. 

Combat Stress - Brian’s story

Workshop attendee Brian Davis

Purple heart

A letter from Brian's daughter

His Purple Heart, awarded by President Clinton, gifted to Tapas

“I have had several sessions with Tapas over the past few months and the experiences have been amazing. I am overwhelmed with the change in my relationship, the TAT session cleared my stress and anxiety that I was experiencing. It literally changed my feelings within minutes. I am looking forward to where TAT will take my life. Thank you Tapas.”

- Marisa M.

“I had the sincere pleasure of having an hour long session with Tapas and it has already been life altering for me. I had been stuck on some issues for quite some time, and desperately hoped that Tapas would be able to help me heal and move forward. What happened was nothing short of miraculous. Somehow, she was able to immediately zoom in on the issues and the blockages standing in the way of their healing, and as the session progressed, I felt significant shifts occurring.

A few minutes after my appointment ended, I had a huge smile on my face and felt lighter than I ever have in my entire life. In a matter of 60 minutes, I went from feeling lost in stormy seas to feeling as though I were filled with sunshine and inner peace. I am still stunned by the transformation and am looking forward to working again with Tapas soon. I am in awe of her skill, patience, and kindness, and am so very glad that I made the decision to reach out, step out of my comfort zone, and schedule an appointment. I am so very grateful. To anyone reading this who feels lost or stuck, there is hope with Tapas and TAT!"

- Jill

“This was my second session with Tapas and I was astonished at the words she chose to address my issues when I was in the pose — they astonished me the insights they delivered, and no doubt, the healing as well. So splendid! I’m so grateful.”

- Natasha S.