Feeling lighter & happier can be faster and easier than you think!

Schedule private TAT sessions or TAT and Energetic Scans with Tapas Fleming to experience your transformation!

Options for your session with Tapas:

  • 30 or 60-Minute Sessions for Individuals 
  • 30-Minute sessions for Animals 
  • Sessions can be done via Zoom, Skype, or Phone
  • TAT or TAT with an Energetic Scan
  •  Session Package Discounts up to 40% Off
  •  Certification Program Discounts 

What is an Energetic scan?

Tapas will scan your energetic field -- including your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energies -- to see what blockages, projections, or anything interfering with your energetic flow and includes all of it in your session so you have the best healing possible in that moment.  You will have a scan before and after your TAT session to see what’s changed. 

Some of the things that can be revealed in Energetic Scans:

  • How energy is flowing and where it’s stuck in your energy field, including chakras and acupuncture meridians
  • Scenes from your genetic history that are holding you back from health or your full connection with life in the here and now
  • Parts of your body that need you to know something (for example, your kidneys might say,  “drink more water” or your heart might say, “I’m withdrawn and afraid”)
  • Family members on the other side who want to tell you something
  • Parts of yourself that need to be freed from the past -- also called “soul retrieval”
  • Where specific traumas are restricting the flow of energy in your body and energy field
  • Unusual thoughts and feelings that are keeping you stuck in negativity, fear, anger and other low frequency emotions. 

What people are saying about their TAT Sessions with Tapas

Wish I’d done this sooner!

"Tapas has a true gift. I love how joyfully she works at deep levels. I wish I had thought to contact her earlier to get my system in harmony after suffering from panic due to disturbances that started at the beginning of the pandemic. I’ll be seeing her again soon"

Kate H.


Amazing Session

"First of all, the idea of healing many things at once with the pot was extraordinary. Then to work directly with the personality parts was the next quantum leap. But now there is an even bigger leap in what is possible in one session - with the Energetic Scan. Wow - fantastic."

 Jürgen S.


Fantastic session

"If you are on the fence about booking, just do it! Tapas has a strong healing presence, and her intuitive guidance is spot on. I noticed an immediate change in my energy with each segment of the session, and a few days later I am still aware of a fundamental shift in my perspective."

Leah C.



"I found my session with Tapas to be powerful and releasing. She is compassionate and intuitive and I am grateful for the session with her."

Karen F.


Wonderful work!

"My sessions with Tapas were clear, compassionate and effective. Her sensitivity, intuition, clarity and professionalism are world-class."

 Harry P.


Feeling lighter 

"Tapas is truly a gem. The session helped me to clarify and release 2 connected issues, and I ended up feeling lighter in mind, body, and spirit."

Eileen Z.


Tapas Fleming

Creator and Founder of TAT®

After many years dedicated to facilitating personal growth, my journey led me to explore the realms of physical and energetic healing. In 1987, I became a Licensed Acupuncturist, focusing my practice on treating allergies.

My quest for a simple and effective treatment method inspired the development of the TAT in 1993. Initially, my goal was to alleviate allergic reactions in my patients. However, I quickly discovered that TAT had a much broader impact: it was gently and easily clearing the effects of past stressful or traumatic experiences.

My mission is to help people find healing and peace, transforming lives one person at a time.

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