How To Get Certified in TAT®

Three Certification Levels 

All three levels can be completed online

Level 1

Certified TAT Practitioner

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A Certified TAT Practitioner will learn the basic essentials in doing TAT for yourself and working with others. You will gain the  knowledge and experience with TAT to support your friends, family, and yourself in living happier, healthier lives.

Level 2

Certified TAT Professional

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For professional use, to lead groups and to get the most out of using TAT, being fully trained is the way to go. A Certified TAT Professional will be taught all the essentials of working with allergies, health conditions, trauma, children, animals and subtle negative energies. 

Level 3

Certified TAT Trainer

Complete third

Becoming a Certifed TAT Trainer will enable you to mentor and teach new students working toward their Practitioner, Professional, and Trainer goals. You will be given everything you need to teach students through all three levels of certification.