The TATLife Certification Program has your personal upliftment, happiness, and healing built into your whole learning process.

Becoming a Certified TAT Professional goes beyond the basics, and offers you a deeper understanding of TAT and using it for yourself and your clients. 

Immediate Access

Start your TAT Professional Certification journey within moments of purchase.

Proven Technique

TAT is a globally recognized method for promoting emotional and mental well-being.

For Everyone

Whether you're new to self-healing or a seasoned practitioner, TAT is tailored for easy and effective use.

What's required to become a Certified TAT Professional? 

complete the certified tat practitioner course first

Register as a Student Practitioner. Purchase and watch The Basics of TAT l - Learn the Essentials and The Basics of TAT ll - Working with Others. Attend at least 3 Live Q & A Student Practitioner Webinars with Tapas Fleming.

complete an average of 10 Mentoring Sessions

On average, you’ll have 10 sessions with your Trainer. The number of sessions needed varies with each individuals completion of the program. This includes your mentoring sessions, session assessments, and observed sessions.

register for the Healing Aces program or TAT on-demand

You will need to complete at least 10 of your training TAT sessions on yourself from the 17 Healing Adverse Childhood Experiences recordings available in both of these programs. You can decide to purchase the full Healing ACEs with the TAT Program for one payment of $247 or you can subscribe monthly to TAT On-Demand for f$17 per month.

Complete 65 TAT sessions

As part of your training you will be required to complete 25 TAT sessions on yourself, 25 TAT sessions with others, and 15 TAT sessions with a TAT Buddy.

you have 2 years to complete the Professional Certification

You will have 2-years from the date you register as a Student Professional to complete your Certification. On average it takes less than 12 months. If you are unable to complete your training in 2-years you can re-register as a Student Professional and continue where you left off. 

requirements to maintain your Professional certification after completing your training

Maintaining your Certified TAT Professional status requires the completion of 12 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) per renewal period and paying your $195 renewal fee, that is due for every two-year renewal by December 31.

Options to complete your CEUs are comprised of Consultations, TAT group work, webinars, workshops or pre-approved workshops or webinars with any Certified TAT Trainer. Consultations and Private TAT Sessions with Tapas and the purchase of up to 3 new recordings are also included.

How much does it cost?

The average cost, over time, will be approximately $1,700 - $2,400 depending on your Trainer's fees and the number of mentoring sessions needed. **Some students will require additional mentoring sessions.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 to get started!

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Complete the requirements to become a Certified TAT Practitioner - $741

As a Certified TAT Practitioner you will gain the knowledge and experience with TAT to support yourself, and your adult friends, and family in living happier, healthier, more present lives.

Once you have purchased your registration and completed The Basics of TAT l - Learn the Essentials, The Basics of TAT ll - Working with Others and completed at least 3 live webinars or 3 private sessions or a combination of both with you will be a Certified TAT Practitioner. 

Immediate access to the Student Professional Resources

What's included in your Resources?

When you register as a Student Professional you will be given immediate access to all lesson plans, all of your mentoring sessions, required homework, and 40+ documents, checklists, and guidelines. 

Developing your presence and skills

At the very heart of using TAT with clients is the ability to be fully present with your client in a way that allows the healing to happen without pushing, judging, analyzing, or trying to change their experience in any way. 

You choose your Trainer

As a Student Professional your Trainer will mentor you, answer your questions, and help you learn to use TAT with skill, confidence and presence. You’re free to choose the Trainer you’d like to work with and you're welcome to work with more than one Trainer.

Personal rewards of becoming a Certified TAT Professional

Feeling peaceful and present

You’ll smile more, feel happier, be more enthusiastic, and have more energy. The pleasure of contributing to the happiness of your family and ancestors. More compassion, and greater presence in all situations.

More Love & acceptance

Loving & respecting yourself, having strong boundaries, self-worth and more drive. You’ll feel more in tune with who you really are. You’ll have better, relationships and a growing sense of inner peace

Feeling secure

A greater sense of inner safety and feeling at home within. Feeling less caught up in or overwhelmed by emotions. Less need to “fix” other people. More spontaneous kindness and understanding. A softer heart, giving spirit and more compassion.

Being proactive

Knowledge that you don’t have to be stuck in anything – not old, unresolved pain, not emotional baggage, not relationships that are painful, unloving, or unfulfilling. You’ll be better able to get out of your own way and get things done.

The benefits and services of becoming a Certified TAT Professional

Community Support

Continuing support from our warm and enthusiastic Professionals community through an email discussion group and TAT Buddies.


A 15% off discount on select products, workshops, and webinars at the TATLife store and discounted private sessions with Tapas Fleming.

Listed as a Certified TAT Professional at the TATLife website

You will have the contact information you want published shared on the TATLife website. The listing includes name, city, state, country, zip code, email address, phone number and a link to your website.

Professionals Resources membership

You will have immediate access to video Tips from Tapas Fleming, exclusively created for Professionals, downloadable support materials, your renewal requirements, upcoming training webinars, and live workshops.

Continuing Education 

Webinars and workshops created exclusively for Certified Professionals and Trainers for Continuing Education Units toward your two-year Certification renewal period with TATLife.

This short video testimonial says it all...

Certified TAT Professional, Natasha Jones, shares her TAT experience and joy with Tapas Fleming after a session.

The Ease and Grace of TAT

"I've been studying and practicing energy work for over ten years now, I am so impressed with the ease, grace and application of TAT, I have decided to enroll in the certification process myself, so I can share this beautiful process with others. Thank you Tapas, for the gifts and joy you bring to the world. I look forward to our next session! xx."

Molly D.

TAT Certification Student


The Healing was beautiful

"Night after night during the TAT workshop I hosted, I saw trauma and pain simply dissipate and dissolve. I was as excited and overwhelmed as the participants were because of the absolute, unprecedented beauty of the healings I witnessed. I have no doubt TAT is the most effective treatment to resolve trauma of any nature."

Harold M.

Certified TAT Trainer


TAT is a truly effective treatment!

"The Healing ACES Program using TAT is a truly effective treatment! Tapas Fleming, the talented founder of TAT, has created and offers a masterful approach to healing old wounds that feel like they will forever hold us in their grip. But with this program our wounds gently release their grip and we discover that we can choose our path."

Thalia V.

Certified TAT Professional


Tapas Fleming

Creator and Founder of TAT®

After many years dedicated to facilitating personal growth, my journey led me to explore the realms of physical and energetic healing. In 1987, I became a Licensed Acupuncturist, focusing my practice on treating allergies.

My quest for a simple and effective treatment method inspired the development of the TAT in 1993. Initially, my goal was to alleviate allergic reactions in my patients. However, I quickly discovered that TAT had a much broader impact: it was gently and easily clearing the effects of past stressful or traumatic experiences.

My mission is to help people find healing and peace, transforming lives one person at a time.

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