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TAT for Clearing Negative Family Patterns


TAT for Clearing Negative Family Patterns with Tapas Fleming is a downloadable MP4 that you can use as many times as you need. 

For a lot of people, the holidays can be the absolute worst time of year. So many of us had awful things happen in childhood and since families usually get together then, it stirs up all the bad things that happened. I remember lots of years when I’d grown up and didn’t live with my parents: really wanting to be with them (and my family) at holidays and also really dreading going home.  

With this recording, you’ll pick one of your negative family patterns that you would like to clear and you can keep using is as much as you need. A lot of us have several experiences and patterns that we would like to clear out for the future generations. 

Negative family patterns include things like:

  • We always sit in stony silence
  • Someone is always fighting
  • There’s no sharing of real emotions
  • We all feel isolated and lonely when we’re together
  • We don’t laugh or joke together
  • We feel fearful and stressed
  • We feel like no one understands us
  • We don’t feel love or affection
  • We feel like we are just a group of people who share DNA and have nothing in common
  • There is no communication about anything of substance
  • The “children” are always treated like kids even after their grown up

Additionally it’s important to note that you don’t need to have a specific memory in mind to initiate the healing process. Significantly, TAT works on a deeper level, addressing the energetic imprints and patterns that have been created by past traumas. By simply directing your attention towards the intention of healing and growth, you can open the door to profound transformation

If it’s your first time doing TAT you will be instructed on what to do, you do not have to have any prior knowledge or experience with TAT.

What makes healing with TAT so different from other approaches?

You can heal without:

  • reliving anything
  • talking about it
  • digging for core issues
  • figuring anything out ​

Just push play, sit back and you can heal!​

As a result of doing TAT you can experience:

  • Feeling less stressed or anxious
  • Feeling less overwhelmed
  • Better Health
  • Feeling happier on a regular basis
  • More fulfilling relationships
  • More restful sleep
  • Feeling more balanced and calm
  • Being more productive
  • Being more present and mindful
  • Improved ability to focus


“Night after night during the workshop I hosted, I saw trauma and pain simply dissipate and dissolve. I was as excited and overwhelmed as the participants were because of the absolute, unprecedented beauty of the healings I witnessed. I have no doubt it is the most effective treatment to resolve the trauma of any nature.”

Harold McRae 34-year Licensed Counselor and Marriage & Family Therapist

To learn more about the Tapas Acupressure Technique: TAT-101: A Comprehensive Introduction Video Download and PDF Booklet

The ebook contains all the Steps of TAT, images of the Pose, and all the information about its origins, written by Tapas Fleming, Founder, and Creator of the Tapas Acupressure Technique.