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The Basics of TAT® l – Learn the Essentials – Webinar Recordings


The Basics series consists of six sessions of in-depth details of how to get the most out of your TAT experience and every session includes a group TAT session to clear whatever is stressing you the most. 

With the Basics of TAT l recordings, you can learn how to do TAT, have your own healing experiences, plus gets tips from Tapas Fleming to help you with your personal situation and healing journey.

The Basics of TAT l  gives you six two-hour sessions of in-depth teaching on how to use TAT to get the most benefit possible. Every recording includes a full TAT session to clear whatever’s blocking you from ease and happiness.

We’ll focus on:

  • Healing stressful or traumatic events 
  • More vibrant health
  • Happier Relationships
  • Manifesting creativity, abundance, and prosperity
  • Loving and accepting ourselves
  • Clearing critical or negative thoughts

It’s like learning how to ride a bike — we practice every time and by the end, you have a tool you’ll have for the rest of your life and the skill to use it well.

You’ll be able to apply what you learn to your relationships, money, health, and spiritual joy and freedom.

  • How do you decide what to work on?
  • What people do and don’t do as they do the TAT Process
  • How to come up with what to put in a TAT pot
  • When not to do TAT
  • How to know when you’re done with a Step
  • What’s normal when people do TAT
  • How to know if TAT worked
  • The basic way of being while you’re doing TAT
  • How do you decide what to work on?
  • Forgiving ourselves and others – what to do if we don’t want to or feel like we can’t
  • A shortcut when you don’t have much time
  • Thoughts that bring the whole process to a grinding halt and what to do about it
  • How to connect with and have conversations with anyone
  • Easing grief

This is the first step toward becoming a TAT Practitioner or a Certified TAT Professional. You can also use these recordings to learn more about the TAT Process and gain the knowledge to use TAT for yourself at a deeper level.