How to Be in Your Body


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It’s natural to not come back to being fully in your body after many life circumstances. Typical events include: car accidents, surgery, physical traumas, emotional traumas, sexual or physical abuse, being born into families where you are unwanted, being raised in families with alcohol, drug or other active addictions are happening, emotionally toxic work environments, and even prolonged periods of intense stress or illness. People often energetically retreat from their bodies in self-defense. They just don’t come all the way back sometimes and may not be fully aware of it.

Possible signs of not being fully in your body: you feel spacy, you don’t feel grounded, you’re watching your life from outside yourself, and techniques for getting better don’t work for you.

In this recording, you’ll be led through all the steps to coming fully back to being present in the here and now in your body.  


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