July 21


[New Recording] TAT for a Traumatic Event and Post-traumatic Stress

By Terri Chamberlin

July 21, 2020

Anxiety, fear, PTST, Stress, trauma

Dear TAT® Friend,

There is so much going on that is so stressful right now. Traumas don’t have to be something that happened 10 years ago, it can be something you saw on the news yesterday that has you rattled. If something happened and you can’t shake it, that means it’s stuck.

I just created an all new expanded TAT® recording on trauma and post-traumatic stress to help you feel more peaceful and centered in the middle of so much craziness and chaos.

The heightened crazy events these days resonate with unresolved past traumas and make everything worse. This recording will help you with both.

Love and warmest wishes,


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