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Getting Going with Getting Well


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Do you have a health condition you’re dealing with right now?  Did you get a diagnosis and you’re still kind of in shock about it?  Find it hard to take the steps you need to get well?

14 years ago, I found out I had cancer.  It was a total shock.  Over the course of the following year, I did lots of TAT® (around 300 sessions!)  and documented what I did so I could pass it along to you.

I just made a “cafe-style” video for you so you can learn and use the five approaches to healing with TAT® that I used to get well.  You can use this for absolutely any health condition.

In the “Getting Going with Getting Well” package, you’ll learn:

  • How to get over the shock of diagnosis
  • How to clear away the mental and emotional binds that keep you from moving ahead to wellness
  • How to clear past events that resulted in your condition
  • How to find inspiration and new healing paths that are specific to your condition
  • How to make “Wow” statements that give your whole body and energy system a new template for health

You’ll get these two recordings:

Getting Going with Getting Well and Guided TAT® Session with Tapas

I’ll teach you what to do for your health in the first one — you’ll come up with stuff to put in the pot.  Then you’ll just follow along doing TAT® in the second one.  Easy!

What you’ll learn are simple tools to be less stressed so your body has more energy to naturally heal.  You’ll be able to start wherever you are right now and easily take one step after another toward being in better and better health.  And you might become completely well…even better than ever!

It took a year and my condition was cleared up — no more cancer!  It happened for me and it could happen for you.

Of course, TAT® needs to be part of a comprehensive program you create with the help of your medical professionals plus healthy food, exercise and everything you need to support your health.  If you follow the five-part system in this offering, you’ll easily clear the way to get going with getting well!

Take the first step and get your copy now!



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