Two-Minute TAT® and Get Wow Now


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Here’s a shorter version of TAT that still get results. it takes just two minutes to do this short version of TAT. It’s a quick fix for whenever you don’t have 15 or 20 minutes for the full process.

That means you use this two-minute version when:

  • You’re feeling stressed and need to take the edge off
  • You feel nervous about an appointment, work, a social gathering and you want to relax quickly
  • Something happened that rattled or hurt you and you’d like to not keep watching the replay over and over

You’ll also learn how to create “wow” statements. You’ll see how to pull up big and small limiting beliefs all on one subject so you can then make super-positive choices — “wow” statements. And there’s a new process where you’ll learn how to make those “wow” statements have more power…and how to invite that power and support into your life.


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